Day trip to Borjomi/Uplitzikhe from Tbilisi


2 days

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A well-known resort with healing mineral springs throughout Georgia, which does not need any special introduction. There are sanatoriums, holiday homes, and recreational complexes for every taste. Borjomi is also famous for its many ancient Christian monuments and is perfect for ecotourism and family holidays. Borjomi is famous for its mineral water. We suggest you visit Borjomi City Park, which has a pavilion with a glass dome and several taps where you can go to drink mineral water. Take a walk around the park and breathe in the fresh air. If you wish, you can swim in the thermal springs, both in summer and winter, the water temperature is from 32-38 degrees.

You will pass through interesting sights of Georgia. Visit Borjomi, a famous medical resort and national park, in comfortable transport. Take a walk around Gori, the birthplace of Stalin and a cozy ancient city. You will also see a cave city that existed several thousand years ago.

Uplistsikhe complex road and pagan past in the Uplistsikhe caves

A short road to the northwest and you will find yourself in a cave city of the late 2nd – early 1st millennium BC. I have studied a lot of notes about this unusual place and will tell you all the most interesting things. Exploring the stone labyrinths of residential and utility rooms, you will imagine the life of the pagans and their religious rituals. You will learn about Uplistsikhe’s trade with the ancient states of Urartu and Media, about its rise and decline. Also from here you can enjoy beautiful panoramas of the Kura Valley.

Stalin Museum

In the second part of the trip, at the request of the group, you can visit the Stalin Museum in his hometown of Gori. In the halls of the entire museum pantheon you will see preserved sculptures of Stalin, his personal belongings and furniture. The guide will take you on a tour.

Borjomi – about emperors and famous water

After a two-hour journey from Tbilisi, you will reach the picturesque Borjomi Gorge with green mountains, a rushing river between them and a road winding among villages. The first stop will be not far from this peaceful place – in beautiful Borjomi. While walking through the park, you will learn about Nicholas II and his family, who came here every year on vacation. You will try medicinal water directly from the hot spring and hear about the history of the production of the first bottles of mineral water. And in the local history museum, one of the oldest in Georgia, you will see archaeological exhibits, objects from the Romanov palace and a model of the city, which is almost 100 years old.


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