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Mestia, Georgia


Tour Description

To the south of Caucasus Mountains, Georgia lies between Black and Caspian seas and occupies 1100 km long mountains range. This small mountain country is paradise for trekkers to explore its remote, medieval villages or wander through its long treks in the wildness. But if you want to tour in Georgia and you don’t have enough time, camping isn’t option for you, but there’s still a lot possibilities in Georgian mountain trekking.


Of the most popular Treks in Georgia is route from Mestia to Ushguli, which connects administrative center of Svaneti to the mountain village of Ushguli. Besides the picturesque views, you will have chance to spend nights in old and rustic villages. Or you can drive to Mazeri and walk to Mestia through pass village Guli and explore mountain Ushba and its breathtaking horizon. For them who wants to witness Georgian culture while trekking, best choice is route from Omalo to Shatili, where you’ll see intriguing middle age villages with stone towers and natural sights. But, also, trails like from Juta to Roshka could be an option if you have a little time and want to dive and experience mix of Georgian culture and nature. This treks and more of Georgian highlights can make your tour unforgettable no matter you’re trekking or just walking, you’ll see unique landmarks and wonders of nature while moving from one region to another.

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